Collection 18

Covert Closet Collection 18 Launched!!!

 ITEM #1801: Simpleton Basic Tube Dress
(Blue, Pink, White and Black)
Status: Available
Price: $24
PTP: 13"
Length: 25"

Very stretchy basic tube dress which can match with anything. Features antislip rubber line at bust area. Made of super stretchy cotton. Not Sheer

ITEM #1802: Military Shirt Dress
(White, Black and Blue)
Status: Sold Out
Price: $27
Length: 31"

This flattering military dress will make you look sleek and smart the moment you put it on. Features loud gold buttons. Made of polyester cotton mix. Not sheer.

ITEM #1803: Toga Cape Dress
(Black and Blue)
Status:Sold Out
Price: $25
PTP: 14"
Length: 30"

It's up to your preference which side you want to wear it. Features a partial cape drape for flowy effect. Made of stretchy spandex cotton. Not sheer.

 ITEM #1804: Skully Dress
Status: Available
Price: $21
PTP: 15"
Length: 29"

Absolutely in love with this contrasting skull dress. Features a skull printed mesh overlay. Made of stretchy polyester cotton. Not Sheer.

ITEM #1805: Polka Dotty Playsuit
Status: Sold Out
Price: $26
PTP: 15.5"
Length: 21" (pit down)

Super cute playsuit with polka dot trimmings. Features exposed back and exposed zip. Made of polyester mix. Not sheer.

 ITEM #1806: Cutout Batwing Top
(Black and White)
Status: Available
Price: $26
PTP: ~"
Length: 27"

Bored of the usual batwings? This batwing is made different with the cutout details. Features a tie sash which u can loosen or tighten. Comes with black tube as shown. Made of polyester. Not sheer.

ITEM #1807: Denim Peplum
(Light and Dark)
Status: Available
Price: $24
PTP: 15"
Length: 22"

Peplum with a twist. Made of denim cotton. Not sheer.

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