Collection 22

Covert Closet Collection 22 Launched!!!

  ITEM #2201: Gold Aztec Dress
(White and Black)
Status:Sold Out
Price: $26
PTP: 17"
Length: 32"

Features golden aztec print. Made of structured cotton. Not Sheer

ITEM #2202: Tetris Knit Bodycon
(Pink and Green)
Status: Sold out
Price: $30
Length: 25"

Features colorblock details. Made of very stretchable knit. Not sheer.

ITEM #2203: School Daze
Status:Sold Out
Price: $25
PTP: 18"
Length: 35"

Features faux 2 piece, Peterpan collar over lace. Made of lace and polyester. Not sheer.

 ITEM #2204: Zara Inspired Diamond Neckline Top
(Black, Pink and White)
Status: White Sold Out
Price: $24
PTP: 18"
Length: 24"

Inspired from ZARA. Features diamond studs along neckline. Made of chiffon. Not sheer.

ITEM #2205: Double Flap Skirt
(Blue and Coral)
Status: Available
Price: $23
PTP: 13"
Length: 18"

Features double flap details front and plain at the back. Made of polyester mix. 

Soft Launch:
Item 2206: Sleeved Lace Dress
(White and Black)
Pictures Credited to Zoe Raymond
Status: Sold Out
Price: $32
PTP: 14"(S) 15"(M)
Length: 32"

Features intricate full lace details with gold(white) and silver(black) buttons for contrast. Made of quality lace. More details on next launch.

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