Collection 35

Covert Closet Collection 35 Launched!!!

 Item 3501: Square Cut Skater Dress
(Black, Blurple and Pink)
Status: Available
Price: $26
PTP: 15"
Length: 32"

Features square cut collar and 3/4 sleeves. Made of cotton. Not sheer.

ITEM #3502: Cutesy Pearl Mini Dress
(Black, White and Blue)
Status: Black Sold Out, White and Blue Available
Price: $24
Length: 31"

Features pearl embellishments across hips and puffy skirt. Made of polyester mix. Slightly sheer for white.

ITEM #3503: Pleated Back  Lace Sleeves Top *MANUFACTURED*
(Black, Blue, Fuchsia and White)
Status: Black and White Sold Out, Blue and Fuchsia Available
Price: $26
PTP: 19"
Length: 23"

Features 3/4 lace sleeves with pleated back. Meant to be loose fitting. Made of lace and chiffon. Not sheer.

 ITEM #3504: Checkered Top 
Status: Available
Price: $23
PTP: 16"
Length: 22"

Features 2 different checkered details. Comes with functional pocket. Made of cotton. Not sheer.

  Item 3505: Front Embroidery Shorts
Status: Available
Price: $28
PTP: 13" 
Length: 11"

  Features embroidery details on front of shorts with raw unfinished hem. Made of stretchable denim.

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