Collection 43

Covert Closet Collection 43 Launched!!!

 Item 4301: Artsy Line Dress
(Black and Blue)
Status: Available
Price: $25
PTP: 17"
Waist: 14"
Hips: 16"
Length: 32"

Features M shaped bust and artistic lines which makes the dress have an ombre feel. Made of polyester mix. Not sheer.

ITEM #4302: Lace Up Party Frock
(Peach Pink and Black)
Status: Available
Price: $24
Waist: 16"
Hips: 18"
Length: 30"

Features lace up front and back at waist area to flatter your curves. Made of chiffon polyester mix. Not sheer.

ITEM #4303: See Through Lace Back Dress

Status: Available
Price: $24
PTP: 16"
Waist: 11"-17" 
Length: 30"

Features flare cut bottom, elasticized waist and full see through lace back. Made of lace. Sheer.

 ITEM #4304: Sweet Details Dungaree 
Status: Available
Price: $28
Waist: 15" (S) 15.5" (M) 16" (L)
Hips: 16.5"(S) 17"(M) 17.5" (L)

Features functional side and back pockets, adjustable shoulder straps and dainty tiny lace embroidery details. Made of denim.

  Item #4305: Ombre Flare Skirt *MANUFACTURED*
Status: Available
Price: $24
PTP: 12"
Length: 17"

  Features flare cut in ombre dual tone. Made of cotton mix. Not sheer.

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