Collection 33

Covert Closet Collection 33 Launched!!!

 Item 3301: Lace Skater Dress
(Black, Cream and Coral)
Status: Available
Price: $27
PTP: 15.5"
Length: 31"

Features full lace overlay in skater cut. Skaters have got to be the most flattering cut. Made of lace. Inner lined. Not sheer.

ITEM #3302: Strips On My Shoulder Jumpsuit
(Black, Navy and Coral)
Status: Available
Price: $28
Length: 55"

Features strips over shoulders. This jumpsuit is perfect for work and chilling after work. Made of cotton polyester mix. Not sheer.

ITEM #3303: Relaxed Lace Top
(White and Mint)
Status: Sold Out
Price: $25
PTP: 18"
Length: 24"

Features full lace overlay with slight runched sleeves details. Made of lace.

 ITEM #3304: Full Embroidery Denim Shorts *MANUFACTURED*
(Light and Dark) 
Status: Available
Price: $32
PTP: 14.5" (S) 15.5" (M)
Length: 11"

Features intricate embroidery details on whole shorts. The design is perfectly matched even for the back pockets. We simply love the workmanship for this piece. Made of denim.

  Item 3305: Casual 3/4 Sleeves Blazer
(Black and Coral)
Status: Black All Pending, Coral Available
Price: $27
PTP: 16"
Length: 16" (Back) 24" (Front)

  Features Hi-Lo hem and runched sleeves for a smart casual look. Made of cotton polyester mix.

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