Collection 34

Covert Closet Collection 34 Launched!!!

 Item 3401: Padded Shoulders Mini Dress
(Angular and Round)
Status: Available
Price: $25
PTP: 16"
Length: 31"

Features padded shoulder for a slight structured look. Made of cotton. Not sheer.

ITEM #3402: Cream of Hearts Pullover
Status: Available
Price: $24
Length: 25"

Features heart design. Perfect for lecture days. Made of knit. Not sheer.

ITEM #3403: Leather Sleeves Bomber Jacket
(Tribal and Snakeskin)
Status: Available
Price: $32
PTP: 19"
Length: 25"

Features fake leather sleeves. Comes in bright tribal print or dark snakeskin print. Made of faux leather, cotton polyester mix.

 ITEM #3404: Patterned Mini Skirt
(Checkered, Striped and Polka) 
Status: Available
Price: $22
PTP: 12" (Unstretched)
Length: 14"

Features monochrome print of design. Skirt has elastic waistband for better fit. Made of cotton.

  Item 3405: Leatherette Skirt
Status: Available
Price: $24
PTP: 11" (Unstreched)
Length: 16" (Back) 16" (Front)

  Features elastic waist. Made of faux leather.

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